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Welcome to SSTA

Board of Directors:

President: Charla Achter

Vice-President: Jennifer Harrison

Secretary: Yvette Clark

Treasurer: Kathy Sutter

*please send membership payments to:

1341 Jubilee Dr. Swift Current, SK S9H 2A5

Access our current Members: under SSTA Members Link

Costs *refer to this link for membership form


You pay a joining fee or rejoining fee if you haven't maintained you're Membership in the last year. $50.00

If you are just curious about Shiatsu or just learning the modality and want to be involved 

with our Association you can join as a Basic Member for $50 (plus your one time joining fee)


If you are a Registered Shiatsu Therapist and have the credentials to 

meet our standards you pay $75 (plus one time joining fee) and a onetime initial RST Certificate Fee of $30.

Everyone pays $50 initially to join, and then you either choose the additional $50 or $75 based on the above variables.