Young Teacher

SSTA Training Syllabus

This is a certificate course that is available to anyone who has experienced Shiatsu first hand and is aware of its healing benefits. Everyone with a desire for knowledge and personal growth has equal opportunity to develop this skill, which is fast becoming the Therapy of choice for many people.

  • A strong desire to participate in the well being of others.
  • In relative good health to complete this ambitious training.
  • Character references.
  • Completed Grade 12 or GED for at least 1 year.
The Training:
This physically and mentally challenging training requires self-discipline, and an aptitude for working closely with other students. There is a large “hands on” component to develop sensitivity for working with this modality. Students are required to commit approximately 15 hours per week for study of the extensive handouts and text book supplied.

Human science studies (anatomy, physiology, pathology) are required for this course and can be completed from a recognized educational facility-i.e. university or college. CPR and First Aid must also be completed for certification. Hours total including the SSTA provided courses shall not be less than 1000 hours.

Course Components:
Total Hours: 1000
Human science studies
First Aid/ CPR
Basic Namikoshi techniques and theory
Zen techniques and theory
5 Element Study
Meridian Point Locations
Extraordinary Meridians
Business conduct, ethics and communication
Pathological Shiatsu and assessments
Integrated Therapy
Practicum and Clinical
Practitioner Self Maintenance

Advanced Course:
Review of basic course
Advanced assessment procedures
Technique fine tuning
Magnetic field studies
Body balancing
Supervised Clinics

The basic certificate of achievement is presented when:
Proof of completion of the human sciences and First Aid/CPR
All required practicum hours have been completed
All fees are paid
An exceptional level of professionalism and conduct have become a habit
All final exams have been successfully completed

The Registered Shiatsu Therapist certificate is presented upon the completion of that course of studies and the required clinical hours.

Instructors must be registered with SSTA.  Their curriculum must be presented and approved before the board.

Therapists wanting to join:

Anyone choosing to be certified through our Association can challenge the exam, with presentation of their credentials. The exam is given by a SSTA Board Member.

In Summary:
Our members are committed to the growth of Shiatsu, and greater availability of qualified professionals practicing this healing art. For many years the World Health Organization has recognized Shiatsu, and soon it will be a widely recognized therapy in this country as an invaluable tool for those who realize that our health is our own responsibility- no one “heals” anyone else, rather, our bodies heal themselves when given the right conditions.
Current Recognized Instructors of SSTA:

Saskatchewan: Jennifer Harrison RST 306.315.0030

Alberta: Jennifer Scott-LeBlanc RST 780-915-4439